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Effective drug is used at focal, and also at great epilepsy (photo-paroxysmal response, epileptiform manifestations). The stable state of the patient is achieved after 48 hours taking medication twice a day. Mechanism of action of Keppra is not fully studied. However, the drug is widely used in complex therapy for the treatment of partial epilepsy.

Advantages of the drug Keppra

The main advantage of this medicine – is its efficiency. Keppra can be used in combination with other drugs. This drug can be attributed to the category of anticonvulsant drugs. Today, scientists have not completely studied the mechanism of action of Keppra. But we know that when using the drug abnormal nerve signals that occur in the brain, are slowed down.

The drug has a number of significant advantages:

  1. Keppra can be used at all generalized and at focal syndromes of epilepsy. The drug really helps – its effectiveness is proven by numerous clinical trials. Therefore it is widely used abroad.
  2. Keppra is available to any visitor of our pharmacy. That is, you can buy Keppra online.
  3. Keppra is used in the treatment of epilepsy, even in children.
  4. Keppra drug can be combined with many other drugs. Unlike most drugs, Keppra has no effect on the concentration of other drugs in the blood. Therefore this effective means can be safely combined with other anti-epileptic drugs.
  5. Keppra has a rapid therapeutic effect on the patient. It is known that the initial dose of the drug – 500 mg twice daily – leads to good results. But before you buy Keppra online, you should coordinate the Keppra dosage with your doctor.
  6. Keppra does not have any life-threatening side effects. However, there may be nausea, drowsiness, and headaches.
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Medicinal product Keppra is quite effective. Besides, it does not violate the patient’s liver function. With regular use of Keppra negative impact on cognitive functions of patients with epilepsy were also not detected.

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